Administrative coaching and educational resources for black pastors.

Wait, what?! Why black pastors?

We’re glad you asked.
While we love all pastors and churches, Churbiz recognizes the cultural and unique challenges that thousands of African American churches face each week, as they strive to impact their communities and reach the world with the gospel of Christ.

Smaller Budgets

Most black churches were founded on a startup budget of $30,000 or less, and continue to operate the entire ministry on a budget of less than $150,000 per year.

Needed Community Leaders

There are thousands of black churches that are located within disadvantaged communities that desperately need socioeconomic support.

No Staff

So many black churches are led by bi-vocational pastors who work full-time or part-time outside of the church and lead an all-volunteer staff.

Lack of Nonprofit Experience

Typically, there's no one on staff with the nonprofit management background and administrative experience needed to help the church run efficiently.

We know you have a vision for your church and want to make a spiritual & social impact with your ministry. But you need more than just spiritual anointing – your church needs a solid administrative foundation.

The day of thinking that you can build a great ministry off of preaching alone is long over...

Bishop T. D. Jakes

We believe that when churches have the right systems, they can accomplish anything!

Build or renovate your church with an approved bank loan.

Begin an afterschool program or community center funded with grants.

Give Senior Pastors the ability to focus their time on preaching & teaching.

Create systems that support & advance the church as it grows .

We Never Knew.

We Were Never Trained.

How do we?!

Nobody Told Us...

These are some of the comments and questions that we get every day from pastors and lay leaders just like you. We love getting them and answering them. No question is “dumb” or a “bad” question. And we’re absolutely passionate about making sure that you have the right answers and the knowledge to shape the ministry that God has called you to build.

In a short time, I've seen both growth and organization come to my church. I am thankful for Dwight and Churbiz for mentoring us and helping us move into the next level of ministry.
Pastor Marcus Scott
The Way Church

What Makes Us Different?

Look, there are a lot of other great church management resources out there – and we love them all. But sometimes these conferences and resources are providing help to churches for steps X Y & Z – when many black churches still need help with A B & C. This is what makes us different.
Churbiz focuses on ensuring that you and your team understand the basics.

Join The

Join our free Facebook Group, the Churbiz Iron Shop. It’s filled with pastors, lay leaders, board of directors, church administrators, finance teams, marketing & media volunteers, as well as other nonprofit professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, design consultants, and data & security experts.
This group is a community where church pastors and their teams can find answers and generous support on operating and running their ministry in the spirit of excellence. In the Iron Shop, leaders are able to ask questions and benchmark effective strategies for growing a healthy church.

Implementing eGiving

Increase giving throughout the year by giving members and visitors an easy and convenient way to give to your church. Download this free white paper today!

5 Pillars of Effective Church Management

There are 5 core operational principles – we call them pillars – that provide the foundation for every healthy church. Download this free white paper to learn more about each pillar, and how to strengthening them within your own ministry; in order to continually grow your church.

The 11 Essential Systems

Learn more about the 11 essential systems - and all of the required forms and templates  - which are necessary for every growing church today. 

The 11 Essential Systems

Learn more about the 11 essential systems – and all of the required forms and templates  – which are necessary for every growing church today. 

Download Your Checklist!

Learn more about the 11 major systems (and 100+ templates), spreadsheets, policies, and forms that every church needs to be healthy, protect the ministry, and operate in excellence.