Is Your Church Ready For Tax Dates?

Now that we’re starting to come down from our recent holiday season and getting back to the business of managing the church – there are 2 key dates this month that you need to circle on your calendar.

If you’re a Church Administrator or Treasurer, you’re probably already preparing your books, but just in case you forgot, here’s a reminder:

Jan 15th: Minister Self-Employment Tax Withholdings

If your church has a paid pastoral staff, then your minister’s estimated self-employment taxes for 2018 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) are due. See this page for more information as well as the actual form.


Jan 31st: 941 Employers Quarterly Report, W2, & 1099-Misc, Contribution Receipts

Contribution Statements

First, the big one. It’s your 2018 contribution statements. If your church isn’t set up with an online membership portal – allowing members to download their own statements – then those members are going to be anxiously waiting for an itemized copy of their contributions to your church. Contributions are the lifeblood of every church, so providing members with a contribution statement is a thoughtful courtesy.  In fact, the quicker you provide these statements, the quicker some members can begin filing their taxes.

Tax Reports

For those churches with paid staff members, either full time or part-time, W2 forms are due for 2018. You must also file a corresponding W-3, but that is not due until the end of February. Also, any contractors that you’ve paid $600 or more must receive Form 1099-Misc for 2014 payments.

Employer Quarterly Tax Reports (and money) are also due (for Oct-Dec). This is the report for all taxes withheld from employees, as well as the employer match on social security and unemployment taxes. And don’t forget about those state taxes! Each state reporting dates and requirements are different, so be sure to check with your state’s department of revenue for more information.

Remember, this stuff may not be glamorous – but it is important! Being good stewards of – and accurately managing – the resources of the church is one of the keys to building trust among members as well as those who would entrust you with even larger sums of money.  If you’re ever confused about anything or just want to know more you can always join our Free Facebook group the Churbiz Helpdesk.

We’ve got so much stuff to share with you this year! Our goal is to increase our membership to 100 churches this year – and we want one of those churches to be yours. Join us today in the Churbiz Helpdesk – we can’t wait to meet you there!

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