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Let’s face it, managing the “business” side of the church is both challenging and time-consuming. But in the end, it has to be done.

Our Done For You Systems provide simple-to-use, yet powerful organizational templates & forms which give you the right systems needed to run your church efficiently, as well as the freedom to begin handing off many day-to-day tasks to well-trained staff and volunteer leaders.

These Templates are for You...

Church Financial Systems

Collecting and managing church funds is one of the most talked-about topics within church administration. It’s so essential that your church is seen as a place that effectively manages “God’s Money” with excellence and proper stewardship. This Done For You Finance System was especially designed for smaller churches working with volunteers and a small team as they work to build the right systems that will help them get bank loans as well as external funding that can be used to grow their church.

Church Incorporation & Startup

How you start a church administratively determines how deep its roots will run, and inevitable how big the church can grow. Having the necessary organizational documents is a key difference between churches that just exist and those that thrive. Our Done For You Startup System provides you all of the materials and support your ministry needs to legally form your church and keep it compliant with both federal and state laws.

Church Leadership & Management

Everything starts with leadership. And being a successful pastor today – one that preaches the Word of God, as well as manages a growing organization – means being an effective leader. This Done For You Leadership System provides you with the tools and resources needed to communicate your vision and implement a winning strategy, all while strengthening your lay leaders and volunteer leaders.

Church Operational Systems

No church can grow without having the right systems to sustain that growth. Having sustainable processes in place allow the church to operate smoothly, giving the senior pastor time to focus on all the things they’re called to do. Our Done For You Operations System has tons of templates, operation manuals, forms, and processes that give your church the foundation needed to function efficiently, while it ministers to people and souls.

Church Marketing Systems

To catch fish, you need to become skilled fishermen. Church Marketing is absolutely paramount today to attract guests to your worship service and help them connect to your church. Remember, you need people in the seats to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Done For You Marketing System gives your church the tools to discover its unique audience and will provide examples on how to strengthen your brand, all while advertising effectively to your community.

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Implementing eGiving

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5 Pillars of Effective Church Management

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The 11 Essential Systems

Learn more about the 11 essential systems - and all of the required forms and templates  - which are necessary for every growing church today. 

The 11 Essential Systems

Learn more about the 11 essential systems – and all of the required forms and templates  – which are necessary for every growing church today. 

Download Your Checklist!

Learn more about the 11 major systems (and 100+ templates), spreadsheets, policies, and forms that every church needs to be healthy, protect the ministry, and operate in excellence.